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Vincent Special Offer!

With life turned upside down by the Coronavirus pandemic, direct sales are the lifeline for my winery business survival. As such, I’m opening my mailing list only offer to all comers.

Special pre-release pricing on soon to be released wines!

Free ground shipping with orders of 6 bottles or more (please order in increments of 6 or 12 for shipping efficiency).

To order, email me at vincentwines at gmail dot com. Questions? I’m here and would love to chat.

Special Pre-release Pricing, offer open as long as needed:

2018 Vincent Pinot Blanc Willamette Valley “Tardive” $25 retail / $20 pre-release
2018 Vincent Chardonnay Willamette Valley “Tardive” $29 retail / $22 pre-release

2018 Vincent Gamay Bjornson Vineyard $25 retail / $20 pre-release
2018 Vincent Pinot Noir Ribbon Ridge $29 retail / $22 pre-release (limit 3)
2018 Vincent Pinot Noir Eola-Amity Hills $29 retail / $22 pre-release

2018 Vincent Pinot Noir Redford-Wetle Vineyard $45 retail / $35 pre-release
2018 Vincent´Pinot Noir Bjornson Vineyard $45 retail / $35 pre-release
2018 Vincent Pinot Noir Zenith Vineyard $45 retail / $35 pre-release

To order, simply email me at vincentwines at gmail dot com. Thanks!!

Public tasting at Esters in Santa Monica, March 16

I’ll be in Santa Monica, CA, on Monday, March 16, for a public tasting at the esteemed Esters Wine Shop and Bar. I’ll be pouring with some fellow Deep Roots Coalition members, come out and taste dry-farmed Oregon wines from some of the top producers in our state. It’s extra cool because my childhood dentist’s office was a block from Esters. Who knew back then I’d be back pouring my Oregon wines down the street! Hope to see you at Esters.

Note for industry members – we’ll also have a Deep Roots Coalition trade tasting at Republique on Tuesday, March 17. Details coming.

Spring Pre-release Offer is Open

It’s been a busy week since we released the Spring Pre-release offer. However, it’s not too late to get on the Vincent list and get access to the new wines coming out this spring, at special pre-release pricing that’s the best I offer.

Did I mention – free shipping on any order of six or more bottles.

It’s easy to join our mailing list. I’ll follow up personally and then email you the current offer. Order by replying with your selections. Easy payment by credit card or Venmo. Wines will ship in spring.

And don’t forget, if you’re on the list, you can schedule a personal tasting at the winery with me in the Eola Hills of the Willamette Valley. No cost, but you have to sign up for the list.


New mailing list offer soon!

Twice a year we offer mailing list members special access to our newest upcoming wines. These prerelease offers feature the best pricing we give all year, with free shipping options. You get first access to our wines, just for being on our list.

It’s easy to join our mailing list. Simply click the link and email us, we’ll follow up personally and add you to the list. We can also help you if you’d like to purchase any current release wines.

The next prerelease offer will come in early February 2020. Wines will include:

2018 Pinot Blanc Willamette Valley “Tardive”
2018 Chardonnay Willamette Valley “Tardive”
2018 Gamay Eola-Amity Hills Bjornson Vineyard
2018 Pinot Noir Ribbon Ridge
2018 Pinot Noir Eola-Amity Hills
2018 Pinot Noir Eola-Amity Hills Bjornson Vineyard
2018 Pinot Noir Eola-Amity Hills Zenith Vineyard
2018 Pinot Noir Eola-Amity Hills Redford-Welte Vineyard (special new bottling, Swan clone Pinot Noir!!)

Happy New Year!

What a year for Vincent Wine Company, as we celebrated 10 years as a winery.

We began in 2009 producing nine barrels of Pinot Noir from two vineyards in the northern Willamette Valley, among them Zenith in the Eola-Amity Hills AVA.

In 2019, we produced 92 barrels of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Gamay, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris from nine vineyards, including Zenith and several other top sites such as Armstrong in Ribbon Ridge as well as Bjornson and Temperance Hill in the Eola-Amity Hills.

This past year we added distribution in Texas, found a top notch distribution partner in Oregon with Delicious Wines, and continued relationships in California, New York, Illinois, Rhode Island, North Carolina and the province of Quebec. We’re excited to add more partners in 2020, stay tuned.

And a big part of our business continues to be direct sales to customers around the United States. It’s easy to join our mailing list. That gets you access to our pre-release offers with special early pricing and free shipping options. That also gets you the ability to meet and taste with winemaker Vincent Fritzsche at our facility on Eola Hills Road whenever you visit the Willamette Valley. Get on that list! We’d love to meet you.

Thanks to all for the support these ten years. Here’s to many more!

Tasting this Sunday in Portland

I’m having my fall wine tasting and pre-release order pick up event this Sunday, November 10, in Portland. You must be on the Vincent Wine Company mailing list to attend, though you are welcome to bring friends. Join the Vincent mailing list to RSVP.


Vincent Wine Tasting
Sunday, November 10, 4-6pm
Elevator Coffee, 1033 SE Main Street, Portland

Please RSVP so we know you’re coming!