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Winery tasting Saturday, May 27

We’re having a big tasting event at the winery this Saturday, noon-5pm, with four wineries pouring under one roof. Our facility is the home of GC Wines, and they’re hosting us, Upper Five Vineyard wines from the Rogue Valley, and Red Electric Wines from Armstrong Vineyard, Ribbon Ridge.

Tasting fee is $30 and includes appetizers to sample as you taste. Our address is 9360 SE Eola Hills Road. See you Saturday, noon-5.

New Wines for Spring

After very few releases from the 2020 vintage, we are delighted to release a slew of new Vincent wines from the 2021 vintage, plus the new 2022 Rosé. All feature our new label designs. We hope love them!

These new wines are just now in bottle and labeled and ready for shipping and delivery. We’re working through all our mailing list orders from earlier this year. Thanks to everyone on the list who bought at special prerelease pricing.

But…we still have some new wines available. To order, email Vincent your picks and we’ll follow up with all the details.

New wines for spring:

2021 Pinot Blanc Willamette Valley $30
2021 Chardonnay Willamette Valley “Tardive” $35
2022 Rosé Willamette Valley $25
2021 Gamay Willamette Valley $30
2021 Pinot Noir Armstrong Vineyard $50

Check the Buy Wine page for the full list of currently available wines.

BerserkerDay 14 is on

January 27 is BerserkerDay, the anniversary of the founding of the wine site

We probably wouldn’t make wine if not for the connections we’ve made over the years on sites like Wine Berserkers. Wine geeks of all stripes share knowledge and passion for wine. Industry types too.

And this BerserkerDay, the 14th year of the site, Vincent Wine Company is joining other wineries and food purveyors to make some crazy deals, one day only. Head over to Wine Berserkers and sign up to get full access to BerserkerDay.

Holiday time 2022

As 2022 winds down, we are reflecting on a large and fantastic harvest that capped a busy year at the winery.

Even with spring frost, we were able to harvest a record 48 tons of fruit. That translates into about 3000 cases of finished wine. Not bad for our start in Vincent’s garage some years back.

Not only did we make our usual favorites from the Willamette Valley, this year we started two new projects that you’ll hear more about in the next year.

First, a Tempranillo from a small, very special site in southern Oregon. Think the great reds of central Spain, made in our simple way to accentuate the fruit and the place it grew. This wine won’t release until 2024 but we’ll update the mailing list in ’23 as it progresses.

Then we did something a little crazy – we began working with a top grower in Napa Valley and harvested 3 tons of prime Napa Cabernet Sauvignon from two vineyards, brought the fruit to Oregon and made the wine. There’s a great story here, and the new wine is fantastic in barrel. More on this special project in 2023 as well. We’re naming this wine…stay tuned.

For now – we have wines available for sale on the Buy Wine page. Email us your selections from that page and we’ll follow up.

Also, in February we’ll have our next special prerelease offer to the mailing list on new wines coming in spring. Get on our mailing list. You always have first crack at all the wine, at the best prices we offer.

Happy holidays and happy new year from Vincent and co.

Harvest is on!

Picking bins ready to be filled with Ribbon Ridge Pinot Noir

It’s finally harvest time in the Willamette Valley. We’re busy each day bringing in fruit and beginning the winemaking process.

As such, we are temporarily not taking tasting appointments for a few next few weeks as we work through what’s aptly dubbed “crush.” So much work to do in short time, but we love it.

Fall shipping update – weather has been warm here so we’re only now beginning to ship. Of course, with harvest work we’ll be doing all we can the next few weeks, with shipments to warmer areas still holding until later October and even November.

Wish us luck with harvest 2022!

Fall Prerelease Offer Coming This Week

It’s bottling time this month and that means we’ll have new wines to release this fall, all of them from the 2021 vintage.

Join our mailing list to get first chance at these new wines at special prerelease pricing. We’ll send out the new offer later this week and it will be open until early September.

We will release the wines for shipping and delivery beginning later in September. Here’s a sneak peak at the new releases.

2021 Pinot Gris Willamette Valley – red wine!
2021 Pinot Noir Willamette Valley
2021 Pinot Noir Ribbon Ridge

Ordinarily we would be release a bunch of single vineyard red wines from the prior vintage, but due to the fires in 2020 we have none to offer. Happily they will be back with the 2021 vintage!

In the meantime, we’re going to offer special re-release pricing on a few library wines from the excellent 2017 vintage, including:

2017 Chardonnay WV Tardive
2017 Pinot Noir Armstrong Vineyard
2017 Pinot Noir Bjornson Vineyard
2017 Pinot Noir Zenith Vineyard

Supplies on these library wines are limited, but we’re happy to have them to offer as we wait for the 2021s coming next year.

Special pricing on all these wines will be available into September, or until any sell out.

Spring Wines Available for Delivery and Shipping

Old vine Pinot gris at Dion Vineyard, pruned and ready for spring

A cool, grey spring is here in the Willamette Valley, and that’s how we like it. No early heat spells and still plenty of seasonal rain. We dry out in the summer and all our sites are non-irrigated, so we want the water now while we can get it. And cool, seasonal weather now means bud break should hold off until April, which is normal. Early dry, warm weather can cause bud break early/now, but we still have frost chances for several weeks. It’s better to see bud break in April, and so far things look good for that.

Meanwhile, we have a slate of new and already released Vincent wines available for purchase. Yes, we have shipping options and the next few weeks are ideal for ground shipping, which is free if you purchase a case of 12 bottles or more, mix or match is fine. Otherwise, $25 flat rate on smaller orders. Wines ship in six and 12 packs, FYI.

We deliver for free in the Portland metro area, as well as northern Willamette Valley. Minimum three bottle purchase for that.

Here are the our current wines:

2021 Rosé Willamette Valley $24 (mostly Pinot gris!)
2020 Chardonnay Willamette Valley “Tardive” $30
2020 Chardonnay Royer Vineyard $35
2019 Chardonnay Willamette Valley “Tardive” $30
2018 Pinot Blanc Willamette Valley “Tardive” $30

NV Red Table Wine $24 pinot/gamay blend
2020 Gamay Willamette Valley $24
2019 Gamay Bjornson Vineyard $30
2018 Pinot Noir Willamette Valley “Tardive” $30
2019 Pinot Noir Silvershot Vineyard $35

2019 Pinot Noir Armstrong Vineyard $45
2019 Pinot Noir Bjornson Vineyard $45
2019 Pinot Noir Temperance Hill Vineyard $45
2019 Pinot Noir Zenith Vineyard $45
2018 Pinot Noir Redford-Wetle Vineyard $45

To order, send us an email with your selections. We’ll follow up with payment options and ask for your details for shipping or delivery. Email us questions, too, if you have them.

Note: if you’re waiting on a spring shipping order, the weather is consistently good now and we’re working on orders based on location and your order date. Everything should be out in the next few weeks. Contact us with any concerns or changes to your delivery address, thanks for your patience while we waited for mild spring weather.

Spring Prerelease Offer in Happening Now

New 2021 Vincent Rosé on the bottling line, February 2022

Now through March 8, we’re offering some new spring wines are special prerelease pricing for our mailing list subscribers. This offer includes two new 2020 Vincent Chardonnay bottlings and the first wine of 2021, our dry, pale and delicous Rosé. These wines will be released in spring and are available now just to the mailing list at special prerelease pricing.

If you want to see all the details, get on our mailing list. We’ll add you and then send the offer as soon as we can.

To entice you further, the offer includes some Vincent library Pinot Noirs going back to 2015, also at special pricing just for the mailing list. Full details including pricing are in the offer.

Special note – we’re dipping into back vintages to make up for our production losses in the 2020 vintage. We have no single vineyard or AVA level Pinot Noirs in 2020, a devastating blow because of the smoky conditions at harvest that year. We’re doing ok, but what an opportunity to open up the cellar and offer some special older wines. Don’t miss out!

Sign up for the Vincent Mailing List

It’s a new year and we have lots of plans – a new website with online ordering, a new employee to help in the cellar and with operations, and perhaps even a new vineyard partner as we look to expand where we source grapes for our Willamette Valley wines.

For now, the key thing you should do is get on our mailing list. Signing up has at least three major benefits:

  1. You get first access at the best pricing for our wines via our Prerelease special offers only for the mailing list. The next offer comes February 1, so now is the time to sign up.
  2. Being on the Vincent Wine Company mailing list means you can schedule a private tasting at the winery in Amity, OR, with winemaker Vincent Fritzsche at no charge.
  3. Signing up for the list costs nothing, there is never an obligation to purchase, but you will get the latest news on what’s going on at Vincent and perhaps at some point break down and buy our wine! Haha.

Seriously, we’d love to have you join our list. Questions? Email those and we’ll follow up as soon as we can.

Holiday time

The holidays are here and we’re excited to celebrate with family and friends. Please consider making Vincent wines part of your holiday meals and gift giving.

We have wines available for shipping and local delivery. To order, simply email us your wine selections, plus your contact and delivery information, and date of birth (month/day/year). We will email you an invoice for card payment, then plan local delivery or shipping (free on any case order).

Wines available for the holidays:

2018 Pinot Blanc Willamette Valley “Tardive” – $25
2019 Chardonnay Willamette Valley “Tardive” – $30
2019 Chardonnay Royer Vineyard – $35
2019 Chardonnay Armstrong Vineyard – $35

2020 Gamay Willamette Valley – $24
2019 Gamay Bjornson Vineyard – $30
NV Red Table Wine – $24 gamay/pinot blend

2019 Pinot Noir Ribbon Ridge – $30
2019 Pinot Noir Eola-Amity Hills – $30
2018 Pinot Noir Willamette Valley “Tardive” – $30

2019 Pinot Noir Silvershot Vineyard – $35
2019 Pinot Noir Bjornson Vineyard – $45
2019 Pinot Noir Zenith Vineyard – $45
2019 Pinot Noir Armstrong Vineyard – $45
2019 Pinot Noir Temperance Hill Vineyard – $45

Selected Library Wines:
2017 Chardonnay Brick House Vineyard – $35
2018 Pinot Noir Redford-Wetle Vineyard – $45
2018 Pinot Noir Bjornson Vineyard – $45
2018 Pinot Noir Zenith Vineyard – $45
2018 Pinot Noir Armstrong Vineyard – $45
2017 Pinot Noir Temperance Hill Vineyard – $50