Spring Wines Available for Delivery and Shipping

Old vine Pinot gris at Dion Vineyard, pruned and ready for spring

A cool, grey spring is here in the Willamette Valley, and that’s how we like it. No early heat spells and still plenty of seasonal rain. We dry out in the summer and all our sites are non-irrigated, so we want the water now while we can get it. And cool, seasonal weather now means bud break should hold off until April, which is normal. Early dry, warm weather can cause bud break early/now, but we still have frost chances for several weeks. It’s better to see bud break in April, and so far things look good for that.

Meanwhile, we have a slate of new and already released Vincent wines available for purchase. Yes, we have shipping options and the next few weeks are ideal for ground shipping, which is free if you purchase a case of 12 bottles or more, mix or match is fine. Otherwise, $25 flat rate on smaller orders. Wines ship in six and 12 packs, FYI.

We deliver for free in the Portland metro area, as well as northern Willamette Valley. Minimum three bottle purchase for that.

Here are the our current wines:

2021 Rosé Willamette Valley $24 (mostly Pinot gris!)
2020 Chardonnay Willamette Valley “Tardive” $30
2020 Chardonnay Royer Vineyard $35
2019 Chardonnay Willamette Valley “Tardive” $30
2018 Pinot Blanc Willamette Valley “Tardive” $30

NV Red Table Wine $24 pinot/gamay blend
2020 Gamay Willamette Valley $24
2019 Gamay Bjornson Vineyard $30
2018 Pinot Noir Willamette Valley “Tardive” $30
2019 Pinot Noir Silvershot Vineyard $35

2019 Pinot Noir Armstrong Vineyard $45
2019 Pinot Noir Bjornson Vineyard $45
2019 Pinot Noir Temperance Hill Vineyard $45
2019 Pinot Noir Zenith Vineyard $45
2018 Pinot Noir Redford-Wetle Vineyard $45

To order, send us an email with your selections. We’ll follow up with payment options and ask for your details for shipping or delivery. Email us questions, too, if you have them.

Note: if you’re waiting on a spring shipping order, the weather is consistently good now and we’re working on orders based on location and your order date. Everything should be out in the next few weeks. Contact us with any concerns or changes to your delivery address, thanks for your patience while we waited for mild spring weather.