Harvest time!

It’s harvest time in the Willamette Valley. Gradually we fill the cellar with bins of fermenting grapes (red wines) and barrels of fermenting juice (white and rose wines) as each vineyard we work with is ready for picking. Here’s the scene the other evening after cleaning up from another busy day and putting everything to bed for the night.

Once the harvest work subsides a bit and weather is good for shipping, we’ll be working on all the Fall Prerelease orders that we’ve been holding for our customers. Also any summer orders that have been waiting for cooler weather. As usual, we’ll send tracking information when things ship.

As usual, tasting appointments have been challenging to do during the peak of harvest but we’ll be getting back to them soon. Sorry to anyone who inquired in the past few weeks, just such a busy time for us.

How’s the harvest going? After the challenges of last year and then the extreme heat we saw early this summer, the grapes this fall look and taste fantastic. Sugars are moderate, not higher than usual even with the heat. Acids are strong, not low as they can be in hot years. Essentially, the late season weather was cooler and now a bit wetter than normal and that’s been perfect for slow ripening and perfect maturity in the grapes.

How will the wines from 2021 be? Stay tuned, we’ll know more next year. Patience is always required with winemaking.