Vincent Pinot Gris “Noir” featured in local paper

In the 2017 vintage we made our first Pinot Gris, but not as a white wine. The grape has some color in the skins and it’s somewhat common to see Rose or Raimato wines made from Pinot Gris, with limited skin contact to give a delicate color without much tannin.

Instead of white or rose, we went all in to create a red wine from Pinot Gris, what we dub the Gris Noir. It’s still light in color but darker than the pinkish hue of most rose. Close your eyes though and you’d think you were drinking a red wine, with a peppery berry flavor and a solid amount of fine tannin

We released the wine last fall and it was unexpectedly popular, which was great because we’d already planned to make more in 2018 (and we did). Unfortunately the 2017 is sold out but there is more coming this fall with the 2018 release currently in barrel.

For now, check out this article from Sophia Bennett in the Eugene Register-Guard all about unusual skin fermented wines, including our Pinot Gris “Noir”. The pre-release offer to mailing list members will go out on August 1, and it will give you first chance on the ‘2018 Pinot Gris as well as all other new release. Highlights include the final Vincent releases from the 2017 vintage:  Chardonnay Brick House Vineyard, Pinot Noir Armstrong Vineyard and Pinot Noir Temperance Hill Vineyard.

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