Almost Berserker Day 10!

January 27 is Berserker Day 10, the anniversary of the founding of Wine Berserkers. The site celebrates in a novel way – they hold a massive one-day wine sale where wineries like Vincent Wine Company make crazy offers posted throughout the day on the site.

Anyone can participate, all you do is log into the site on the 27th and follow up directly with anyone making an offer.

There are wines to buy of course, including some retail and importer direct offers. There are also accessories like luggage from the Wine Check and prime meats from Flannery Beef shipped on ice to your door. I enjoyed some dry aged steaks that I got last year and will be making a repeat purchase for sure.

Check out the article in Forbes this week about the event. I’m planning a very special offer for “BD10” but that’s all on the down low until the 27th.