Vincent in brief, for BerserkerDay IX

Whether or not you’re reading this post on account of BerserkerDay IX, here’s a little primer on all things Vincent:

I’m a wine geek in Portland, OR, who found the wine internet 20 years ago and began connecting with people in and out of the industry who shared a passion for wine. Back in 1999, one of them invited me to help in the vines and then the cellar back and I was hooked.

After many years apprenticing, I launched Vincent Wine Company in 2009 and went full time in 2015. I make wines from the Willamette Valley, I don’t own any vines but work very closely with my growers who farm specific parcels in their vineyards for me. I focus on Pinot Noir but also make red wine from Gamay, as well as whites from Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc.

I’m not dogmatic about growing grapes and making wine. I’m inspired by the legends of the wine world, new and old, and not just Pinot Noir makers. But something I’ve found with most of the greats – technique is minimal. Like with great cooking, you work to get quality ingredients and then prepare things very simply to let the essence of the thing shine.

Farming at the vineyards is at least sustainable if not organic at every site. Winemaking is all natural for primary and malolactic fermentation. I destem mostly but can use 20-30% of whole clusters in some red ferments. Physical extraction is minimal, I find the structure I’m looking for means no more than one punchdown a day, if that. With whites, there is no lees stirring unless a barrel has fallen clear before fermentation is done.

I use mostly older barriques but there are usually some newer barrels in the mix, never any brand new wood though. I don’t filter and don’t make adjustments (with rare exceptions). I do use sulfur judiciously, much as I would refrigerate raw milk. In sum, I believe that the most interesting, delicious wines I can make come from a hands off but careful approach.

For more background on me and Vincent Wine Company, listen to my GrapeRadio podcast episode that came out last year. And of course this web site has tons of information about what I’m up to.

Vincent Fritzsche

A note on BerserkerDay IX – the anniversary of the founding of is a great event each year. I owe much of my wine knowledge and appreciation to people I’ve met through the wine internet over the years. Wine Berserkers has been especially innovative by connecting wine lovers and industry in a straightforward way, mostly because we’re all wine geeks. BerserkerDay lets producers embrace the Berserker madness and make some crazy good deals that all of us can take advantage of. I’m offering wines again this year, but I’ll also be buying some things too. Enjoy!