Vincent pictured in Bon Appetit

I was pleasantly surprised to find my 2013 Vincent Chardonnay Willamette Valley among 50 wines pictured in Bon Appetit magazine this month, accompanying what is really a terrific article about the current world of wine. Definitely check it out.

Let’s face it, only people who already know my label would notice it. But many have and I won’t lie, it’s sweet to feel people’s happiness and encouragement about it.

Really it’s important simply because my label and several of my friends’ are pictured with the like of Marcel Lapierre’s Morgon. That wine is my inspiration, never mind that it’s Gamay and not Pinot. I have been inspired by Lapierre’s wine for years, the ’98, the ’02, wines I can still taste just by closing my eyes and imagining.

I even blatantly copied Lapierre’s label for my three years of homemade Vincent wines from 2006-2008, as documented in these rolls. When he died a few years back a friend came over and we drank Lapierre to mark the significance.

So even something small like this means everything to me. Cheers to Marcel Lapierre and anyone interested in his wine maybe thinking of Oregon too.