Happy new year!

Happy new year from Portland, where I’m excited for some big plans to unfold over the next 12 months.

I have only small amounts of my Fall releases still available, all 2013s including Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc. Just a handful of cases of each of those remain, along with the Pinot Noir Ribbon Ridge. The Pinot Noir Crowley Station Vineyard is sold out, and the Pinot Noir Armstrong Vineyard is down to just three cases, so hurry up if you want that one.

I will have three additional wines from the 2013 vintage available starting in March, including Pinot Noirs from Bjornson Vineyard, Zenith Vineyard, and our Eola-Amity Hills cuvee.

In the winery, I have 35 barrels of wine from the 2014 vintage quietly aging in cask until bottling right before harvest next fall. 2014 was a warm year and the wines show tremendous ripeness. I’m excited to see more nuance and subtlety emerge as the wines age in barrel. Wines from cooler vintages often need to soften and open up through barrel aging. Wines from warm years like 2014 need the opposite – time to calm down and gain elegance. I’m excited to see that happening already and I look forward to release the first of the 2014 wines by the end of this year.