Special offer for BerserkerDay V

Yes, BerserkerDay.

That’s the annual January 27 celebration of the founding of Wine Berserkers, an online wine community that does a particularly great job connecting wine business and wine community in a natural, almost noncommercial way.

Each year wineries and a few other wine-related businesses make crazy offers to the Wine Berserkers community for one day via a special forum on the WB site. You just need to register for the site – no charge – to see the offers.

Our deal is one bottle each of the 2012 Armstrong and Crowley Station Pinot Noirs, and one bottle of the sold out 2012 Chardonnay. Only 12 three-packs are available and already a few are spoken for by Donors to the WB site who get access to the special offers a day early. Tomorrow, it’s on for everyone. Check it out.