Pre-IPNC event at the Southeast Wine Collective

Just a quick note to brag a little. Very little, but I swear it’s worth it. You may have heard of the International Pinot Noir Celebration (IPNC), the long-running annual event here in little Oregon that is truly an international celebration of the Pinot noir grape. This year’s event takes place this weekend.

IPNC is expensive to attend the event. It’s difficult to get one’s wine chosen to be included in the event. And it’s obviously quite a big deal when your wine finally gets there, part of IPNC.

Vincent Wine Company wines are not yet IPNC worthy. Perhaps that will come. Perhaps I should enter my wines for the jury’s consideration. But for now, one of my modest Pinots will be poured at a Thursday evening pre-IPNC event for festival goers at the Southeast Wine Collective in Portland.

Why am I writing this? The event is not open to the public. My wine isn’t actually going to be at IPNC. But this seems close, much closer than I’ve ever been before. And close counts, no? I’m excited, and I look forward to something more in the (perhaps distant) future.