PDX Urban Wineries Passport now for sale

Mar-2013-pdx-urban-winery-passportI’m really excited about the new PDX Urban Wineries Passport, which features all the members of the PDX Urban Wineries association, a group of wineries making wine – from grape to bottle – here in the city of Portland.

The Passport is modeled after the Portland Distillery Row Passport, which has been a huge success in the past few years. The deal is simple – buy a Passport for $20 online or at member wineries and you not only get a free tasting at each PDX Urban Winery member, but also get discounts at around two dozen Portland restaurants, bottle shops, even transportation services to help you get around town for a day.

Read more about it here on the PDX Urban Wineries site. Vincent Wine Company is of course part of the Passport, with our location shared with others at the Southeast Wine Collective on SE 35th Place at Division.

Never has it been easier to taste the wines of Portland. In the spirit of the PDX Urban Wineries Passport, I took the opportunity to visit a bunch of tasting rooms yesterday. I highly recommend you do the same.