Vincent special offer for BerserkerDay January 27

If you’re not familiar with the Wine Berserkers wine discussion site, you should be. It was founded four years ago on January 27 in the wake of overbearing editorial management on what was at the time a leading site to discuss wine on the internet.

In its wake, Wine Berserkers was created, named for a quip from the other site’s administrator for the “berserkers” who objected to his heavy-handed control of what could and could not be discussed.

Each January 27, the irreverent people behind the new site hold BerserkerDay. The event demonstrates one of the many ways this still new evolving site breaks ground among discussion groups – it actually promotes wine industry involvement, going so far as to encourage wineries and retailers to get involved and offer ridiculous deals to registered users of the site.

There’s no catch. You can register for free, and the site gets no cut from any deals brokered on the site. It’s all for the aim of connecting regular wine geeks and industry wine geeks alike, including some like me who were once plain old geeks but now produce our own wines. We’re all still geeks, so it’s all good.

BerserkerDay is simple. It happens this Sunday, January 27 all day. To participate, register for the site now up to the day of the event, then go to the BerserkerDay page where deals will be listed continuously throughout the day. You might check things out earlier just to get familiar with the site.

For producers and shops that participate, the only real rule is that the offer be unprecedented. Not “decent” or even “good.” No, it needs to be ridiculous. To buy any particular offer, act quick because there is usually a limit on the number of orders for each deal. And usually the transaction just means following up with the winery listed. They’ll typically take care of the rest.

Yes, Vincent Wine Company is participating again this year! What’s our deal? You’ll have to log in Sunday to find out, but it’s going to involve two of our top wines from 2011, shipping including, for barely more than wholesale pricing. We don’t do this to make much money. Yes, we’re happy to get our wines in the hands of wine geeks who otherwise might not have tried our wine. But really, we do it because who doesn’t like a deal.

And if you’re into wine, BerkerserDay offers some pretty nice deals. Check it out this Sunday.