It’s October, time to harvest the grapes

After a great open house and tasting of our latest wines, the 2011s, this past Saturday, now it’s time to focus 100% on harvest. Our first Pinot Noir grapes of 2012 will come into the winery from Armstrong Vineyard on Tuesday. I expect more will come in on Friday, then grapes from Zenith in the Eola Hills perhaps as early as Saturday.

Higher up in the Eola Hills, Bjornson Vineyard will likely be next week. The wild card is a new to us vineyard, Crowley Station, on the cooler west side of the Eola Hills. Our block of late 1990s planted vines will probably come in next week as well, but we’ll be visiting all of these sites on Tuesday to get a better sense.

Finally, we’re making a bit of Chardonnay for the first time this year, for our Vincent label anyway. Those grapes I don’t expect until next week as well, but we’re see.

How are things shaping up? The summer has been really dry after a wet, cool spring. Ripeness is high but not too high. Rot and mildew are essentially non-factors right now given the dry weather. The forecast couldn’t be more perfect, sunny weather that’s cooling over this week. Grapes ripen best like a plane landing, gliding to the finish. Looks like a perfect landing this year, so far anyway. Wish us luck.