Vincent researching in St. Louis

I’ve long thought my mother’s home town, St. Louis, might be a place to sell Vincent wine. I just spent a few days in town for family reasons, but I took the opportunity to check out some shops and talk a bit about how Oregon wine does locally. The most interesting stop was Clayton Wine Merchant, which has an incredible selection of Burgundy and no shabby cache of Oregon. I heard the clerks raving about Maysara to a customer. I liked seeing Haden Fig’s Bjornsen Vineyard Pinot and Cancilla Vineyard Pinot on the shelf. Apparently the shop played a role is making sure the wine came to town after one rep went to Oregon Pinot Camp and was wowed by Erin Nuccio’s wines. Could Vincent Wine Company end up on these shelves as well? I left town with a plan to give it a try. later this year or next. Stay tuned.