2010 Vincent Pinots Sold Out

I’m happy and sad to announce that all of our 2010 wines are sold out. Happy because we made 50% more wine in 2010 than our first year 2009, and it took half the time to sell it all. Sad because people want more and we won’t have any more until the fall.

But good news – we’ve sold all the wine but there is a fair amount still available on shelves and wine lists around Portland, as well as New York City where we’re distributed by Ice Bucket Selections.

And, our co-op label Guild Winemakers has some special things happening with Whole Foods Market this summer throughout Oregon and Washington. So you’ll be able to find 2010 Vincent Pinot Noir Ribbon Ridge in every store in both states as early as next month.

Meanwhile, I just tasted through all the barrels of our 2011s and, despite my constant worries that maybe this year things just won’t taste as good (I’ll feel the same next year no doubt), I love what I have in barrel and I think you will too.

So get on the Vincent Wine Company mailing list to receive our first offer on the 2011s later this summer. Mailing list members get special prices for buying in advance. We will release the new wines in Portland in September and ship across the US once the weather cools in the fall.

Thank you all for the great support. We couldn’t be happier with how much people are loving the wines.