Berserker Day Special

January 27 is Berserker Day over on the wine discussion group Wine Berserkers. What’s that? It’s the anniversary of the founding of the site three years ago, and they celebrate by getting wine producers and others to offer ridiculous deals to site members. The goal is to have the site be a better conduit between wine geeks and the wine industry than any other site out there. Wine Berserkers gets no revenue from the day. It’s simply about ridiculous deals from wineries to you. If you sign up for the Berserkers site (yes, it’s free and they are totally cool, no worries about your privacy, etc.).

Vincent Wine Company tried to participate two years ago on the first Berserker Day. However, we had no wine released yet and no way to really host people or otherwise make a good offer. Last year we gave a ridiculous deal on five of our 2009 Vincent Pinot Noir Eola-Amity Hills for $90, with a special bonus bottling for no charge that was actually a pre-commercial wine we made in 2008 from the Zenith Vineyard. Not bad.

This year, the slate of participants has grown. We also have more than one release available, so our package this year is slimmer, less expensive, and simply absurd. You get:

1 bottle 2010 Vincent Pinot Noir Armstrong Vineyard
1 bottle 2010 Vincent Pinot Noir Zenith Vineyard
1 bottle 2010 Vincent Pinot Noir Ribbon Ridge AVA

Full retail for these three wines is $96. Tomorrow, for our Berserker Day special, we’re offering this three-pack for $59 plus shipping. That’s less than $20 a bottle. Because of the giveaway nature of this deal, and the fact that there are going to be plenty more offers from other wineries, we’re limiting the offer to six 3-packs. Six buyers, then we’re sold out.

The offers will come out throughout the day on a special sub-forum of Wine Berserkers. Again, you have to log in as a member to see that forum and participate.

Why are we participating and why should you be interested? We’re not going to make any money here, but sure, we’ll have people who otherwise haven’t had our wine buy it and we hope love it, and maybe order more. Really, we’re doing it because Wine Berserkers has been a great and valuable addition to the internet wine world. We participate, we’ve met tons of great people through the site, and we want to give something back.

Hope to see you online at Berserker Day tomorrow.