Mailing List for 2010 Vincent Pinot Noir Futures

We just did blending trials on all the barrels of 2010 Vincent Wine Company Pinot Noir. Looks like we’ll end up with four different wines:

  • Single vineyard bottlings from Zenith vineyard and Armstrong vineyard
  • A Ribbon Ridge appellation bottling to replace the 2009 Eola-Amity Hills bottling
  • A limited Willamette Valley blend for restaurants and mailing list members

Which means, it’s time to <a href=”“>sign up for our email list. Our futures offering goes out later in July and you’ll get the best prices we offer. Last year that meant our $24 Eola-Amity Hills Pinot Noir for just $18 if you buy a full or mixed case. Deals on our single vineyard wines too. And that new Willamette Valley bottling as well.

We look forward to having you on the list