Guild Winemakers

I’ve written about the Guild Winemakers co-op project over on elevage, but how great to see this article in today’s Oregonian newspaper. Thanks Katherine Cole for the terrific write up. Urban wine in Portland has already been happening, thanks for people like Grochau Cellars, Hip Chicks Do Wine and others. But Guild Winemakers is looking to add to it, making what I like to call “city wine” of really good quality at less expensive prices, in different packaging like kegs, bag in box and perhaps refillable bottles if there’s interest. And regular old bottles, which of course still dominate the scene at any price level.

The first wines from Guild Winemakers are available all over Portland and, despite the hyper-local angle of the article, we aren’t at all opposed to selling these wines out of the area. Already local shops are connecting their buyers across the county with these Portland wines. We also look to be a regional label, in other Northwest cities and beyond. But it’s true – Portland is home and the main focus. Ideally people will drink the Guild wines from relatively afar but come to Portland in search of them, along with our local beers, food carts and other value oriented delights. That’s my vision anyway, with Vincent Wine Company playing a role with the fancier restaurants and wineries and such that Portland has to offer. Good idea? What do you think?